But, Seriously.

  • We really do show up for our appointments.  It’s amazing how many service companies don’t show up or even call.  There are rare occasions when we get delayed, but we do call ahead of time to work that out.  We don’t just leave you hanging.  That nice lady that answers the phone is on top of it.


  • You will never be embarrassed when you refer us to friends and family.   I have heard all kinds of stories from customers about strange and weirdo technicians like the guy that showed up late with no call.  First thing in the door he asked to use their bathroom.  Then he didn’t even shut the bathroom door.   Yikes!   On top of that he never fixed their problem!  That’s why they called us.  I was technician # 3.  Seriously!   It wasn’t even that difficult to figure out.  We fixed it and no one was freaked out any more.


  • In most cities it is illegal for anyone that is not a licensed electrician to sell you any kind of electrical service.  Yep that includes the Handyman that says he can do it all.  If they touch electrical make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured.


  • Yes it is HOT HOT HOT in your attic during summer months, but don’t feel bad about it.  If I’m not in your attic I’ll be in someone else’s attic.  It’s part of the job and I’m not going to cry about it……much.

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